What’s worse?

A) Sitting thru’ a 1 hour sales/demo and not having the opportunity to test drive the actual (complete) product.


B) Watching a 10 minute self-running demo that highlights the key features but barely scratches the surface, leaving you with lots of questions.

Guessing both! We don’t like these options either as they do little to help you see how the actual software works.

AKUNAWARE provides you with a complete system to play with for up to 10 days.

It comes pre-loaded with 100 employees and you can even customize your system with your company logo and colors. Go ahead, make it your own.

        1. Call if you have questions, or if we can help navigate during your test drive
        2. Preview a summary of our software: click here to download a brief PDF
        3. Provide the minimal information (below) and we’ll build you a complete system for your test drive

10 Day Free Trial

This all we need to build your FREE system:

Akunaware Free Trial - Customer Activation
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